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Management Plan 


Quality Assurance


Pilot Testing

  • Report of Pilot Workshops






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C1 Short training event

Preliminary Agenda


Multiplier Events


Indicators Report

First six months - click here
First twelve months - click here


Intellectual Outputs

  •  Electronic Guidebook of Methods and Tools for teacher facilitators - click here to see the structure of the Guidelines
    • Analysis Report on Good Practices and Methods used to support gifted/talented pupils in schools
      Click here for PART A of Guidelines
      Click here for PART B of Guidelines
      Google Folder with linked material
    • Mathematics meets Industry in School – Knowledge to Innovation through Practice: Guidelines
      Click here to read the PART C - MID Day design - Draft1
  •  INNOMATH Training Course for teacher facilitators: Supporting Mathematically Gifted Students - Click here
    • Course Modules
    • Course Materials (Learning Plans)